We are a small, family owned wine estate in Oberrotweil in the Kaiserstuhl region. We are specialized on the burgundy varieties such as Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir), Grauburgunder (Pinot Gris), and Chardonnay. Additionally we grow Müller-Thurgau, as it has a longstanding history at the Kaiserstuhl.

The miscellaneous volcanic soil types give our wines a distinctive aroma. It can be characterized as a high minerality, freshness, acidity, and length.
The Guts-and Lagenweine (Regionals and Villages) grow on loamy soil that sits on top of the volcanic rocks of the Kaiserstuhl. Due to the reallocation of land the Kasierstuhl is divided into terrasses of multiple sizes. The Lagenweine (Crus) such as the Henkenberg, Schlossberg, and Eichberg consists of black weathered volcanic soil, called Tephrit. As the soil of our vineyards is the greates good we are only using organic fertilizers, such as the dung of our horse Baro. Apart from that we sow in endemic weeds and herbs that strengthen the soil organisms and increase biodiversity. New vineyards are consistently replanted with vines from France.

All of our wines are dry. We vinify our wines in stainless steel tanks or in oak barrels of different sizes, depending on the vintage, variety, and terroir. A long aging on the full yeast gives distinction to the wines. Furthermore we do not use any clearing agents and are only filtered when it is necessary. During the whole grape growing and wine making process we try towork in a natural and noninvasive way -traditional with a modern orientation.